You Don’t Need To Love Coffee To Learn From Starbucks

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

During my time working for Starbucks, I learned a timeless lesson: to treat every interaction, every opportunity, and every situation as if it was the first one you’ve had.

They embodied this in their saying, “They might be your 100th customer, but you’re their first barista.”

This insight — this mindset — is relevant to every facet of life, personal, public, and professional.

Calling up your 50th client for the day — put the same amount of time, energy, and attention into the call as your first one.

Discovering a job opportunity to pursue — approach it with the same hustle, diligence, and drive as your very first one regardless of how the first 100 turned out.

Walking into a heated argument — (who knows how they got there -doesn’t matter.) Lay all preconceived notions aside and approach the scenario with an open mind with the sole goal of resolving the issue.

Don’t let the repetition of a task negatively affect its impactfulness



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